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May 13, 2013
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[MnG] Sawa Kurusu by OhSquishy [MnG] Sawa Kurusu by OhSquishy
So sorry for being dead for so long, school is just too time consuming. I haven't touched my tablet in so long (since Xmas LOL), AGHHHH. :iconpapcryplz: Here, have the nipple tease as compensation--*shot'd by Sawa* OTL
BUT Free! SWIMMING ANIME, HNNNNNNNNG--- This is also my first time joining a DA RP group AND... I know nothing about swimming nor can I even swim :iconuhuhuhuplz: BUT I SHALL TRY MY BEST and do research-- HAHA..ha..ha.... so.... FORGIVE MEEE. Please be gentle with me :icontearplz:
What is anatomy. What is coloring. Rawr.And gawsshhh, Sawa's color schemes matches/blends in with the group app--
:new: Always up for roleplaying, whether you're in the group or not~

Character © OhSquishy (Me)

:iconmizu-no-gakuen: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:


★ Basics:
Name: Kurusu, Sawa (Surname, Given Name)
Age: 18
Height: 5'8" / 174cm
Weight: 133 lbs / 60kg
Year: Senior
Level: Expert
Likes and Dislikes:
(+) Favorite animal: (White) Arctic seals (because they're just so fluffy and cute!) - he even has a big seal squishable plushie named Bao-Chan but it was a gift, so that was his excuse to keep it with him everywhere
(+) Animes / Mangas / Cosplaying / Collecting merchandises and figurines
(+) Strawberry Milk
(+) Festivals, events and all those fun places
(+) J-Pop / K-Pop
(+) Piercings, even though he can't get as many as he wants (due to his frequent visits to the pool; he doesn't want any possible infections for his newer piercings)
(+) Honesty in people
(+) Being touchy with his friends (unless they hate it)

(-) Liars and dishonest people
(-) Losing in competitions (but he is a good sport and accepts his losses as a man), this includes losing face and being embarrassed as well
(-) When people pick on his weaknesses or his friends
(-) Vegetables in general, he usually gives them all to Aaron (or whoever doesn't mind eating them for him), whether he likes it or not
(-) Being called girly/sissy or any degrading and effeminate nicknames
(-) Horror movies / genres / stories
(-) Being alone (he has a minor case of dependent personality disorder)
(-) Mean dogs that bark at him
Bold. Passionate. Ambivert.
Sawa is kind of a brat and usually doesn't think before he speaks or acts. If he wants to do something, he'll normally do it without hesitation and puts his heart into it. Furthermore, he is not afraid to stand up for his close ones or things he likes. Sawa is rather protective of them actually. He also enjoys being outgoing and meeting new people if given the chance. Except with his childhood, Sawa has a habit of staying in his quiet lifestyle as a secluded otaku in his room. Despite this, it doesn't mean that he likes being cooped up in the room; he does enjoy going out for some fresh air or a swim. So this gives him both introvert and extrovert qualities.

Loyal. Affectionate. Pure-Hearted.
Sawa is an easy person to befriend as long as you just be yourself around him, and don’t mind letting him speak and act out his own mind as well. He is the type to treasure you for as long as the relationship lasts once you creep into his heart. Sawa also prioritizes those special people over himself and his own desires/feelings. He sometimes may try to act tough though, but he actually likes getting touchy, hugging, nuzzling and clinging with people he approves. Moreover, he enjoys going out a lot with the people he likes and may get cozy enough to someone to casually sleep on their lap. He also likes attention from people he is close to. On the other hand, Sawa is a little on the slow side for him to catch on to things, even in regards to academics (he needs to put in more time and effort to study as efficiently as the average person). But he has a heart of gold and believes that everyone has some good in them, whether they have ulterior motives or not because once Sawa trusts someone, he usually believes whatever they tell him. This also makes him easily manipulated - but only if manipulator knows what strings to pull.

Lazy. Dependent. Opportunist.
Sawa is lazy and is the type to just leave the channel on if he can't reach for the remote. Even after all his training and muscles gaining, he still likes to 'conserve his energy'. Sawa would usually make up an excuse for aid and ask Aaron or other people nearby to help him with errands as he naps afterwards. He can be so lazy at times and incredibly dependent on people as a way to keep the attention on himself that he developed a sort of dependent personality disorder; the desire for excessive need to be taken care of. Also, whenever a conversation doesn't go his way or Sawa can't think of excuses to deflect the problem, he would automatically steer the conversation somewhere else or start a new one.

Emotional. Sensitive. Competitive.
Trying to be masculine is something Sawa always found to be rather difficult since he was a child. It doesn't help that he is a bit of a crybaby at times. Even after his change - when he cut off his long hair, grew taller and developed a decent amount of muscles - he is still emotionally insecure. He doesn't like being called 'girly' or 'effeminate'; it just gives him bad memories he would rather not recall. He may often appear as if he doesn’t care about what other people say (unless they're his friends), Sawa has a habit of over thinking things when people talk about him - especially in a negative way. Despite his lazy manner the majority of the time, Sawa dislikes it when people say or assume he can't do something; he will do whatever it takes to prove them wrong.
Sawa comes from a pretty well off Japanese family. Whenever he had wanted something, he simply just asked for it. However, that only applied to materialistic needs. What Sawa truly wanted was his parents to be at home more often to spend some time together. But his workaholic parents were hardly ever home, and it made him lonely. He craved for their attention so much that he got outside of his comfort zone to get it; purposely getting in trouble at school, getting fake/clip-on piercings, sprayed in hair in bright colored hair sprays - anything. The first few times it had worked, but it was like the boy who cried wolf after the phase went by. His parents soon resumed their usual schedules and began to ignore his new ‘schemes’. Thus, he eventually gave up.

At school, people usually stayed away from him because of his daring actions such as temporarily ‘dying’ his hair and getting (fake) piercings at a young age (and real ones later on). Teachers and parents always had a bad impression of him because of it and regardless of his real personality. Not to mention how Sawa has this intimidating aura and look on his face (when he has a neutral expression on) that makes it seem as if he was gonna bite someone. It didn’t help that they were ignorant about the reasons why he started all that fiasco. Sawa also didn't really have many friends because of the same reasons. He hated being alone though; it wasn’t his plan to make people avoid him. So he turned to something else aside people to give him company; he indulged himself with animes and mangas (and became an otaku). One day though, a classmate named Aaron walked up to him and actually said he wanted to be friends. Sawa accepted that friendship without hesitation despite what his ulterior motives were because he was previously so alone. It didn't matter to him if he was being used, he was just happy someone wanted to be his friend. Till this day they are the best of friends.

How he became interested in swimming:
Sawa was always thin and petite, not to mention how long he let his hair grow out. So there were many times when he would get mistaken as a girl from behind, at different angles or just in general. It pisses him off to no end, especially when people tease him about it openly or when he’s in a public event. The worst part was when he met creepers that attempted to hit on him, thinking he was a girl. It didn’t help that his best friend dragged Sawa pretty much everywhere and anywhere, and particularly when he had a phase of trying out new sports. Sawa would accompany and watch him play while he, himself, napped and lazed around the sidelines. One of the last sports that Aaron so happened to try out was swimming. At that time, Sawa realized how masculine and toned his best friend's body was compared to his own lanky one. He hated to admit that he was secretly jealous of his friend, despite him being physically ill. Sawa was just envious how no one would ever call his friend 'feminine' or ‘a girl’. So on that very day he made up his mind to undergo a change; he chopped off his hair to the length of his chin and began working out and joining Aaron in the pool. To be honest, Sawa was horrible at swimming (nearly drowned several times); he was also generally lazy and was easily tired. Despite this, when he was convinced about something and made up his mind, he would always keep up at it till the very end. His persistence finally led him to not only his goal, but also discovering his love for swimming. Instead of it being an obligation, it became something he enjoyed and the only sport he will ever like.

Decision to enroll to Mizu no Gakuen:
The reason was pretty simple: Sawa enrolled to Mizu no Gakuen because Aaron wanted him to. Even though he wasn’t good with academics, he knew there had to be someone to watch over his best friend if he went to Japan, especially with him having a sociopathic behavior/personality disorder. Not to mention that Aaron’s parents really seemed to appreciate them staying together and for Sawa to keep an eye on their son. So he studied his ass off and finally enrolled there. Aside from the mentioned being his primary reason, Sawa was kind of interested in Mizu no Gakuen from the start since it was a school that focused on swimming, but didn't have enough reason to drive him to such a conclusion. Thus with the slight push from these events, he caved in. Plus, Sawa knew his parents wouldn’t care what he did as long as he continued school and graduate with a diploma.
Additional Info:
Voice Sample.
Girly or not, Sawa's voice (aka Japanese voice actor: Kaji Yuuki) is rather deep and slightly nasally. He knows how to speak fluent Japanese and English (with a twinge of a Japanese accent).

Moles and Birthmarks.
Sawa has a total of 33 or so moles scattered throughout his body (that he can see) and one five petal flower-like birthmark on his left rear, near the back of his thighs. He is actually very conscious of it and whenever he has to wear speedos for swimming, he will subconsciously tug the fabric lower to cover it whenever he thinks its visible for others to see.

Even though Sawa initially started out wearing fake piercings just to get attention from his parents, as a teenager he became curious and finally got real piercings done. He discovered a sort of thrill whenever he got a new one cause he's a bit of a masochist, but Sawa knew he shouldn't get so many at one amount of time. Regardless, he has several piercings and takes them out often for swimming and cleans them frequently (in fear of infections or the likes), but may forget to put them back on sometimes or when he's too lazy to do it. He plans to get more piercings in the future, but so far he has: 4 piercings on his left ear 2 on his right, Snakebites (lip ring on each sides of his lower lip) and 1 on his tongue.

Blushing, Smiling and Expressions.
Unlike the norm, whenever Sawa blushes, it is his ears that turns red. If he is still blushing after a few more minutes, it will eventually spread across his cheeks. Normally, when Sawa isn't smiling, has this rough air about him, but when he does smile, Sawa looks like a dork with his toothy grin. He also may look like a grumpy butt head normally, but he is actually really expressive and dramatizes his facial expressions a lot.

Sexual Orientation.
Even though Sawa was never really given a chance to date before, he does have a desire to have a girlfriend (or so he likes to think), even though he usually gets really shy around girls in general. However, that doesn't confirm his sexual orientation; it is still definitely questionable. It didn't help that his best friend was the one who attracted most of the girls attention (and Sawa hanging around him all the time, meant no attention for himself). But as he grew older, he noticed his eyes would sometimes wander towards the same sex more often as Sawa admires their physique. Sawa is still unsure of his sexuality, but he likes to think he is at least half heterosexual - or pansexual - since he would feel more 'normal' as a guy. Basically, he's in denial of being attracted to guys more. But it's not like he would ever tell Aaron or anyone else this. Regardless, he doesn't think about it (or sex) much, especially since he doesn't really think anyone would ever be interested in him.

Favorite Stroke.
He likes swimming with the breaststroke and freestyle, but is better at the former. Sawa dislikes backstrokes, because - even though it's a silly reason - he's a bit afraid of letting his head sink underwater while swimming backwards and not knowing where he is going.

Vision and Glasses.
Sawa is nearsighted and wears glasses majority of the time, but is not fully blind without them. Contacts are such a hassle, so he doesn't bother with them. Sawa can swim without contacts or glasses, but he wears goggles to protect his eyes anyways.

Animes and Mangas.
He watches and read pretty anything. But specifically, he likes: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life, and Supernatural. Sawa doesn't read/watch hentai, GL or BL though, because it's just too much for him it will make him all flustered and embarrassed - or more like he's scared to try it.

Reason by KAmiYU

* Sawachi
* Wasabi - from Aaron
* Noodle - from Quinn
* Aaron - Childhood and Best Friend. It's a surprise how he would still stick around and remain close friends with Sawa and how Sawa can stand the red head's constant bullying, but it makes him happy to feel needed for once. His friend's existence and presence somehow became something normal for Sawa's daily life and he feels that it is mutual.
* Bailey - One of Sawa's first friends at Mizu no Gakuen. They happen to share a similar interest with anime and manga, even though Bailey likes to tease and embarrass Sawa by shoving BL/yaoi mangas at him.
RP Methods.
* Notes or comments.
* Paragraph > Script (but I can do either, hahah. Just as long as you start and would be willing to help contribute/lead the plot along with me o v o *coughs* )

:iconsawaplz::iconsaysplz:Shoot me what you got! :iconokie2plz:
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